IoT & Digital Transformation

The World of Digital Transformation – Sprint 2 (Part 1)

Deepak Goel (Group CEO – iMET Global | Digitally Next) in talks with Stephen Dantas (Founder – Digityll, US) on “The World of Digital Transformation.” In Sprint 2, Stephen emphasises the fact of Digital Transformation as a must have for SMBs and its global perspective. Stephen talks about how Digital Transformation may help companies gain a competitive edge and shares how he was able to see the full circle of digital transformation in his work experience right from platform systems and technologies, experience design, e-commerce, IoT, connected mobility and more. He emphasizes on digital transformation, to be the difference between winners and strugglers today. He also bursts the myth that digital transformation is expensive, confirms that it is really cost-effective and names customer experience design to be the heart of digital transformation. Do provide your valuable comments and thoughts.