What is a #Hat

A Hat is a Chair of Responsibility to create a knowledge sharing and networking platform for a particular sector/objective to work on the activity charter.

Each Hat will have a color of recognition, and the HBF will moderate all the activities under the designated Hat.

The #6Hats are:

digital social media and Transformation
Hat 1: Digital/Social Media & Transformation
Hat 2: E-Commerce
internet of things
Hat 3: Internet of Things(IoT)
Hat 4: Big Data & Analytics
Hat 5: CSR & Environment
Hat 6: Fintech

All the community enabler and the HBF will work on voluntary basis based on the interest and intent to make iSoCIAL an enriched community platform for mutual benefits, synergies and collaborations to foster Alliances & Partnerships.

One can become a member of these, and has the following functions to choose from –

2.Thought Leaders
4.Knowledge Seekers
5.Government Advocates
6.Knowledge Contributors
7.Hat Bearer Chief (HBF)
8.Hat Bearer Region/Country/Entity wise

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