Digital Marketing to Digital Social Media- Power To A Common Man

Digital Marketing to Digital Social Media- Power To A Common Man

When the Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan just jumped and ran like a Sonic the hedgehog in the movie Chennai Express, that extra nitro of energy got manifested as the rise of Today’s common man and got revalidated with “Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Common Man”

Kiss from a Rose: It is becoming increasingly important in this ever-changing yet Social Media connected world to clearly identify your audience, articulated messaging and engaging content to establish a connect“The Ultimate Kiss” of love.

“Only experts can translate an organization’s Business Objectives to Digital Objectives and is able to draft a coherent Digital Campaign for all the three stages-Create, Publish and Promote as sure-shot steps to succeed.”

Demand Pushvs Demand Pull: The days of pushy sales content are over, should you wish to make an impact; be Authentic.

“Copy Cats are not Cool Cats Anymore.”

Each product and associated digital campaign has its requirements that are different from others; love your tribe within the target segment to enable them to love you back.Establishing a connection with your customers by using social media is very important. The simplest way is when one responds to queries or product/service complaints. In times to come, this may be an additional function/responsibility of the Marketing Department to ensure best results by using more of digital mediums or even by engaging chatbots in a more personalized manner.

Personal interactions and formal engagements are gaining prominence for all type of customers, in order to build brand loyalty and getting valuable market feedback that too “RealTime”. The focus is a move to build even more of such engagements as a part of evolved customer relationships. These customers will then become your real brand ambassadors.

In new times, social media is not just about creating traffic but meaningful engagements. We are observing these trends increasingly in some of the leading social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin.
Nevertheless, in order to pursue this approach, a monitoring and measurement tool may be required to ensure stealth level engagement and accuracy.

“Chatbox to me will either have to evolve and be far more personal & interactive or will fade out over time.”
The Social Media, just like its name, is supposed to be social and not mere broadcast mediums. It is enabling reach out to the true communities for your products/services, communities that are centered on the interest that you serve.

“Cultivate discussions by using digital-social media that are about the real issues and not merely the tag line of your product or brand.”