What is a #Hat…?

A Hat is a conglomerate to create a knowledge sharing and networking platform for the particular sector.

Each Hat will have a color of recognition, and a Kingpin who will moderate all the activities under the Hat.

Each activity of the Hat will focus on the below mentioned pointers :

  1. Maintaining credible standardization
  2. Knowledge upgrade
  3. Networking and ideas exchange
  4. Recognition to real leaders
  5. Bridging the Industry Academia gap
  6. Setting up of protocols

All the members and the Kingpins will work on voluntary basis based on interest and intent to make iSoCIAL a huge platform for mutual benefits, synergies and collaborations as Alliances & Partnerships.

Under iSoCIAL we have been able to define #HATS :

  1. SMB/MSME Specific
  2. IoT Product/Mobile Apps/ Mobile Location Based
  3. Digital India/Employability
  4. E-Commerce/Digital/Social and Allied Mediums
  5. Big data
  6. CSR
  7. The Trinity

Structure –

Each Hat will have a Kingpin under him there will be 7 members from across the country. Soon the members will spread across the globe and there will be a kingpin from each country following the same structure in their respective countries.

International Social media Council for Internet & Allied League