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Personal Branding and why is it important

Your online and offline reputation is something that defines you. There are many people around you who are actually more talented than you are. But there are certain things that can give you an edge over them.
Having a personal foundation is not restricted to making people aware of you and creating a reputation for you. When we look at the bigger picture it is more than that. Personal branding can help us to show the creative side of what we are. Personal Branding can help us in exploring new horizons which we dream to achieve.

John Cass a graduate in graphic designing from New Castle University Australia got a job offer on Twitter from New York in his final year in 2007. He accepted that offer gladly and went to New York. There he started his new job. Everything was going on pretty well and suddenly six months later he was asked to leave they no longer needed his services. There is a policy in the USA Continue reading Personal Branding and why is it important