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From Internet of People to Internet of Things (Inspired by TEDX Talk – Benson Hougland)

It all began with a dream… A dream to connect people. With this vision in mind Internet, one of the most important and transformative technologies was invented. Internet is like a digital fabric woven into the lives of all of us in one way or another. When people connected through this network, the Internet became Internet of people which transformed the world and now this new internet which is emerging and determined to change the world again, aims at connecting things and hence became Internet of Things (IoT).
One learns about its (IoT) uniqueness when one understands the underlying principle, which is to enable things to share their experience with other things. IoT adds the ability to sense and communicate and touch and control in order to interact and collaborate with other things. Unbelievable it would have been years back. But today, it is possible and it exists. Human beings make use of their five sense to feel and communicate. But when things start to feel, communicate and collaborate it is where the internet of things and the internet of people intersect.
Now did you ever notice that the things that communicate over network with one another were designed decades ago, but how do they communicate now? It’s because of the tools and systems that allow these capabilities to existing devices. Let us try and assess the power this Internet of Things has through one of our daily life instances. What about your smart phone? Ever wondered what all it smartly knows about you? It knows where you are, how many steps you’ve taken, how much light is in the room, it knows how close it is to your face, it knows what you’re saying and it even has an eye so it can see its surroundings and it also has the ability to communicate on a wireless network. All at the same time, genius right?

Internet of People to Internet of ThingsNow let us try and realized how woven we already are in this IoT network already in our day-to-day lives. The arm bracelet that most people wear monitors their sleep cycle and knows the right moment to gracefully wake people up by gently vibrating and blinking a light. At that moment, the bracelet sends a message to the other connected devices that gradually leads to a chain of events happening for instance the coffee maker turns on and the bedside lamp starts brightening. The beauty is that the process ensures optimum resource utilization along with the most effective way to go about a task.
You might be wondering who cares, right? Well to answer this question religiously, big businesses care and they care to the tune of billions of dollars. For instance, Samsung that primarily manufactures smart phones among other things, purchased a company called smart things for 200 million USD and the surprising element is that this company did not even exist 2.5 years ago. Google purchased NEST for 3.2 billion dollars, which was one of the biggest acquisitions in the internet of things space. What is absolutely certain is that IoT is capable of impacting our lives by making it easier but it is yet to discover the magnitude to which it does that.
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