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Is E-commerce just online shopping?

Flashback to when we were a true 90’s kid and only words like “Pokemon” got us excited, try to think if you had ever heard of the term “E-Commerce”. Had you? I’m guessing NOT until of course, you’re a time-traveler. And back to today, all we hear is the internet and buy and sell and “free shipping” is the word that gets us excited. Things have changed and so have people and their ways of living, which is a good reason enough to promote the virtual ways of living and leading life.

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When we talk about e-commerce most people think that it is about the websites that buy and sell stuff, which is partially true. E-commerce is a much broader term. It includes the following:

  • Services that you exchange with someone on the World Wide Web and get paid for it.
  • Websites that help you buy and sell (Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, AliExpress and so on)
  • Websites that provide you transportation services (Ola, Uber, etc…)
  • Websites that help you find a home
  • Websites that you play a game on and pay for its extra services and so on.

The E-Commerce sector is expanding like a hot air balloon, it might hit a few bumps down the road but it is on the whole, increasing its popularity and worth day-by-day. People are willing to dive in the pool of entrepreneurship because of the success these online startups had shown in the past years and it is making people think if they should invest in these new online startups as they would return their small investments in big bucks. E-Commerce is a word we’ll be hearing a lot in the time to come and it might rise as our “knight in shining armor” if we’re lucky enough because seeing the growth on that graph we’re sure to say that it’ll be one of the biggest things ever.

Happy Learning & Growing J