The Legendary Series – #7HATS

Hangout Series


“The Legendary series – #7HATS” refers to a trail of Hangout events which will connect the like minded people of a particular sector with one of the experts who will be sharing his/her experiences and the insights on how to grow in that industry and build a community of that network for collaborations and knowledge sharing.

Under iSoCIAL we have been able to define 7Hats in which we have 8 new upcoming sectors which will have a control over the world in the coming years and 2 Hats as the facilitators.

They are as follows :

  1. SMB/MSME Specific
  2. IoT Product/Mobile Apps/ Mobile Location Based
  3. Digital India/Employability
  4. E-Commerce/Digital/Social and Allied Mediums
  5. Big data
  6. CSR
  7. The Trinity

The first Hangout event will showcase the credibility of the #HAT1-MSME/SME Specific with one of the experts from the respective sector.

The expert will be interviewed to share the Dos & Don’ts to be followed in the MSME segment and knowledge sharing.

And so the series will be continued with all the #7HATS.

Volunteer to be the #HAT Expert :

#Hat1: SMB/ MSME Specific

iSoCIAL has taken an initiative to keep all of us stay connected by using the power of technology to surpass the constraints of regions and country barriers keeping our association live and kicking.

In the 1st ever initiative,iSoCIAL has scheduled a Global Hangout Series for SMBs/MSMEs. (Agenda attached) bringing all of us closer at our convenience by simply logging into respective Hangout IDs by sitting in any part of the world without any hassles of traveling or logistics.

This is a part of the #1stHAT of iSoCIAL’s 10 Hats expert board powered by Digitally Next and Smartech Labs

The #1st Hat focuses on areas related to SMB/MSMEs.

The 1st Hangout Series of 30 Mins will be chaired by Sandipan Ray- CoFounder SMB Connect. These 30 mins will have sprints of 10 Mins each for the following topics:

  • Banking & Finance options- 10 Mins
  • Cost Effective Marketing- 10 Mins
  • Networking with Government for schemes & Grants – 10Mins
  • Question & Answer round – 15Mins

Schedule –

Date– Feb 26,2017 | Time – 3pm IST | Venue Partner– AWFIS ( New Delhi ,India)

Use the link below to be a part of the Hangout Series :

For more Details call  at +91-981-040-9943

The Man who made it easy –

7000 SMEs

80 Seminars

PAN India

Mr. Sandipan Ray, the Founder & Director of SMBConnect has spent more than 20 years of his professional life in the field of Business Innovation. While growing his business, he faced several challenges but was unable to find a reliable mentor to guide him. SMBConnect, therefore was an idea generated from his real struggle.

#Hat2: IoT Product/Mobile Apps Development

Over the past few years the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a growing topic of conversation in our workplace and also outside it. It is a mechanism that has the potential to impact how we live and also the way we work.

But what exactly is Internet of Things and what impact it will have in you is a question we need to answer. Although there are technical jargons being used to describe IoT many people are still trying hard to grasp the foundation of what really IoT is.

After getting an overwhelming response from the #HAT1, iSoCIAL along with SmartechLabs is on its way to begin with the #HAT2.

The #HAT2 focuses on areas related to Internet of Things (IoT). The concepts of IoT will be taught in a very simple manner so that the participants get understand what IoT is and what technologies can be used to implement it.

The 2nd  Hangout Series of 50 Mins will be presented by Nishant Sharma from SmartechLabs. It will have the following sprints:

  • Introduction to IoT and understanding of IoT- 10mins
  • Elements of IoT – 10mins
  • IoT product development- 10mins
  • IoT Applications and Careers- 10mins
  • Question & Answer round – 10mins


Schedule –

Date- March 10, 2017 | Time– 3pm IST | iMET Global ( New Delhi ,India)

Use the link below to be a part of the Hangout Series :

Founders: Smartech Labs

Nishant Sharma

Nalen Anand

International Social media Council for Internet & Allied League