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What makes a Market Leader

When we talk about becoming a market leader there are several aspects that come into play. The first and most important thing is VISION. Do you have a vision for your product? Do you really think you can achieve it? But the real truth is people are not confident enough whether their product can deliver the necessary results and hence they fail to occupy the top spots in terms of market share. It’s all about believing in your product and having faith that “Yes” I have created something which could actually be the difference maker.

Some key points need to be taken care of when we talk about becoming a market leader.

Having an attitude to become a market leader

It is very important that we possess an attitude for becoming a market leader. If you are negative about your approach towards work that is, you feel that you cannot achieve a particular goal then nobody can help you. It will become imminent that you will fail. Hence it is very important to have a positive attitude towards work. Continue reading What makes a Market Leader

Cost Effective Marketing Solutions For SMB’s

Before we start talking about cost-effective marketing techniques for SMB’s there are a few things that are important to know.

70-80 percent of SMB’s are into manufacturing businesses. Most of these SMB’s are suppliers to large MNC’s. International competitions, for example, China, makes it difficult for SMB’s to sustain. So what SMB’s need to do in order to have their product differentiated from others? How can we implement cost-effective marketing? All these questions pop up. Here are something’s that can prove really beneficial for SMB’s in order to grow successfully.

Understand your market

A market is filled with so much competition. For every product developed there are different competitors who want their product to stand out and shine. Plus we have international competitors like China who are able to deliver a similar product at a very low cost. Hence SMB’s need to first of all understand the real value of their product.

Create a Brand

With so much competition all around it is really important that SMB’s are able to differentiate their product from others by making people aware of their USP. This is the only way how they can create value for their product and generate revenue from it. It is possible only through effective branding. Continue reading Cost Effective Marketing Solutions For SMB’s

4 Important Content Writing Tips for Better SEO

SEO copywriting was certainly a legitimate service in the days when keyword stuffing and density were factors to consider in making web pages more visible in organic search. Nevertheless, great content remained the core of successful digital marketing campaigns over the years.

You might think that the old approach to creating SEO articles is a thing of the past. But in reality, content that gets highly ranked on search engines is what many marketers are still aiming to achieve. The name of the game might have changed. The methodologies and approach may have tremendously evolved as well. But the goal still remains the same.

4 Important Content Writing Tips:

Target Multiple Keywords

Choose and focus on writing topics that can target multiple keywords. This will ensure that your content can consistently drive traffic through search. Continue reading 4 Important Content Writing Tips for Better SEO

How Smartphones and Mobile Internet Have Changed Our Lives

20 years ago there weren’t any smartphones and since then a lot of things have changed. Now we can’t even remember the last time we actually didn’t use our smartphone for a whole day. Mobile smart devices and mobile internet are changing the way we do things and how we connect with other people. Let’s have a closer look at how smart devices really affect our everyday life.

Internet and mobile internet

3.2 billion people are now using the internet, 2 billion of which are in developing countries. The global mobile broadband market is highly dynamic: market penetration increased 12 times since 2007.

As we see every day, the world is evolving and changing constantly, especially in the tech department: 8 years ago, there weren’t even smart devices for us to use. Back then we didn’t even imagine using devices like smartphones or tablets. Now we can’t imagine living without them. Continue reading How Smartphones and Mobile Internet Have Changed Our Lives

Positive Impact of Digital Media on Businesses

Modern media is no longer confined to a television or radio show, newspaper or advertisement. Instead, today’s media — from text to video and sound — can be saved and shared electronically, using everything from desktop computers to small mobile devices. This electronic dissemination of media has had a powerful impact on the way people communicate for personal reasons, school, and even business. Today we are going to talk about the positive impact of digital media on businesses.

Faster Information

Thanks to digital media, companies can get their information out to the public faster than ever. Instead of printing inserts and waiting for the Sunday paper to announce their sales, companies now can let the world know about an exciting promotion through email, social networking, their websites and Internet ads. Continue reading Positive Impact of Digital Media on Businesses

Everything you need to know about Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation?

Online Reputation refers to everything from tweet and comments (negative & positive) to likes, replies and more that is written about you or your company online. Reputation involves everything the good, the bad and the ugly.

Why is it so important?

Imagine if you woke up one early morning, gave the newspaper a glance and found a front page negative article about yourself disparaging your reputation and now imagine it never comes down. That is the internet and that is your reputation unless you ensure it is protected by controlling the first ten results on the first page of search engine results.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Before you or your product/service are hired, dated or befriended remember you will be googled. 72 percent people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends & family. In fact, 80 percent of the people change their decision after reading a negative review of some product or service. What people are saying about the quality of your business can either make or break you. This is the reason one needs to ensure a positive and good reputation online. Continue reading Everything you need to know about Online Reputation Management

Are you part of the Big Data revolution?

Did you know that we perform 40,000 search queries every second (on Google alone) which is approximately equal to 1.2 trillion searches per year? In Aug 2015, over 1 billion people used Facebook in a single day. Every minute up to 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube alone. By 2020, we will have over 6.1 billion smartphone users globally. There’s an ocean of data flowing all around us. The data volumes are exploding, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. So the big question is, ‘Are we putting this data to any use?’ To frame it in a different way, ‘Can we derive something meaningful out of this magnanimous amount of data around us?
Let us try to find some great derived uses out of the BIG DATA REVOLUTION.

BIG DATA in Healthcare
Until now healthcare sector had been plagued by unsuccessful attempts at utilizing the electronic data to make it cost-effective for both the industry & the customers. However, Big Data has now aided hospitals in using the data collected from a cell phone app, from millions of patients, to allow doctors to use evidence-based medicine. Isn’t that great?

Continue reading Are you part of the Big Data revolution?

What is lacking in our Education System?

When we ask people on what they feel about the Indian education system, we get diverse opinions. Opinions are often diverse because some areas of our education system are exceptionally well, however some are equally lagging behind. The intent is not to knit a web of words but to know what exactly lacks in our Education System. Let us look into the possible reasons.

Theory vs. Practical

It has been proved by science that the human brain recognizes and remembers pictures, art, and colors more than words and phrases (basically theory stuff), a formula being used around the world for easy and rapid cerebral development. Most of our schools still lack in imparting practical knowledge to the students and avoid using pictures and art as a mode of knowledge and understanding. Innovation is not encouraged. Continue reading What is lacking in our Education System?

It is time to Learn & Adapt, not RUN AWAY.

Why SMBs should/should not transform digitally?

Digital transformation is nothing but creating a competitive advantage for your company by using digital technology. Small and medium businesses get scared when they hear of virtual & augmented reality, internet of things, connected mobility, autonomous vehicles etc. SMBs do not feel the need to adapt to change when they are doing fair but what about tomorrow when we think of long-term impact and consider recession or threat of competition? The difference between winners and strugglers is the ability to transform themselves digitally.

What are the prerequisites for Digital Solutions?

SMBs need to figure out what their business goals are: Increase profitability, increase topline revenues, reduce costs or to increase market share. Figure out what is the problem you are trying to solve, and then try and look for the solution to that problem through the process of digital evolution. You don’t have to overhaul your legacy system & completely replace it, you need to see if you can tweak it and it could not always be about technology, it could be about process.

What does digital transformation make you do?

The heart of digital transformation is customer experience design, attune yourself to the needs of the larger community while keeping an ear open for your end customers. Look at your business model and draft a customer journey, put yourself in the shoes of your customer and analyze what experience the customer goes through while using your product or service. At some point in time, you have to transform the leadership from being a legacy to a millennial leadership.

So you see, Technology is a monster but it is a friendly monster and is only there to make your task easier. The more you try to learn, the more you will enjoy working with it. Know more in iSoCIAL’s digital transformation video. Click here:


The Wave of Digital Transformation

Is Digital Transformation a Pandora’s Box or a Box of Opportunities?

It has already begun. Yes it has! The wave of Digital Transformation has already become an influential part of our lives. From reading news on apps to online shopping, from online movie streaming to ordering food, from online bank transactions worth millions to booking a ride, we are surrounded by digital avenues everywhere and we make use of it in our everyday life.

 But here comes the big question:

 Where is this transformation headed?

When asked about the same, Stephen Dantas (Founder – Digityll, US) has his opinion to share. He feels these technologies are making people nervous and confused because people find it complex. Whereas digital is actually a tool kit. You use the right tool to fix the right problem at the right time. Digital is a synonym of the pace of change happening in today’s world.

 What are the components of this Digital transformation?

Stephen identifies 4 key components:

1.     Social

2.     Mobile  

3.     Analytics

4.     Cloud

 Does everybody and every business necessarily have to be a part of this transformation?

Well, not necessarily. You become a part of the change when it makes sense for your business or when it gives you the advantage for increasing your potential and achieve more through new technologies thereby providing you prototype solutions for your problems. Not all 4 components may be useful but if even one component impacts your business positively, you should definitely embrace the change then.


Watch iSoCIAL’s video on Digital Transformation to know more. Click Here