#7 Hats

1. SMB/ MSME Specific

Earlier when small businesses had to buy their sellable from a wholesaler, they would simply ask another shopkeeper dealing in the same items and buy products from them for the same rate without comparing it with other wholesalers because they did not know any. Many times that would lead the buyers to buy products at a higher cost than the original.

Now with the adoption of digital media, all the buyers and sellers have gone online and it has resulted in bulk buying & selling more convenient because now they can compare prices on the spot with other competitors and get the right thing.

This is just one of the many other advantages of the Digital-Social mediums to the MEME sector.


Objective of #HAT1 –

To create a common knowledge sharing platform for all the MSMEs/SMEs and discover new ideas to utilize resources in an utmost efficient manner.

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       2. IoT Product/Mobile Location Based

The internet of things seems to be buzzing no matter which way you turn. The changes happening in the digital world are self evident. As connected devices have become an integral part of the everyday life, it will be harder and harder to keep pace with the changes to come. The Internet of Things is changing the way companies do business; new companies are entering the market with IoT offerings that combine physical products with internet-based-services. Sensor generated data and machine learning solutions enable new, data-driven business models.

GPS now is not limited just to maps. Earlier people often used Location based apps for directions but now the scenario has changed entirely! GPS has become a life saviour for startups. GPS has now become brain and soul for a business model.

Can’t think of one, let us help. What do you do, when you have to hire a cab, open up Uber / Ola or in some places Lyft? Yes, this is the best example of location based mobile application. Cab aggregators check your location via your mobile and assign the closest cab available.

Foodtech industry again is based upon the same concept. Businesses like Zomato, FoodPanda, etc. use GPS in your phone to locate best food options nearby. Same goes with News aggregators too! News Apps personalize your news feed according to your location.

Even Facebook has gone ahead with Mobile Location Based application. Facebook has gone hyperlocal. Now you can buy and sell products near your locations!


Objective of #Hat2 –

To bring together the experts of the IoT/Mobile Apps industry and create a knowledge sharing and networking platform. This will help create a common hub for the like minded people of IoT industry and those who see their future in the same.

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3. Digital India/Employability

Supporting our Prime Minister’s initiative if a Digital India, everyone is taking some step towards building a Digital India. An initiative which completely focuses on making a digitally enabled infrastructure will help every citizen to penetrate his/her ways towards a successful future. Also it will have an impact on every individual from students to professionals to self employed and entrepreneurs as all the services will be available on digital mediums and they will be digitally empowered.

Knowledge is redefining itself everyday through constant expansion. This expansion is directed in a circular orbit instead of a unidirectional flow. This means that an individual aspiring to be a successful working professional is expected to have basic or elementary knowledge of a variety of fields and not just restrict to his/her expertise or area of interest. An estimated 90% of UK jobs today demand a specific level of IT knowledge.

The world is also going digital and online media presence has become a mandate requirement for almost every business or individual as a platform for branding and recognition. This has led to the focus shift of employers from hiring task specific employees to multi-talented employees who can serve more than one purpose in the organization. A strong online presence attracts both prospective customers and employers.

Objective of #HAT3 –

To make a Digitally enabled ecosystem in sync with the Prime Minister’s vision and inculcating Digital- Social Media skills in every citizen of India.


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4. E-Commerce / Digital- Social and Allied Mediums

The e-commerce industry is booming and it is a boon for India that such a scenario has prevailed. It has opened doors for many budding entrepreneurs. The major attraction is that all you need is a laptop, a good internet connection and a small amount of startup money. With strategic planning and execution, anyone can become a successful entrepreneur.

Hypermarkets like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon are making it big in online industry. People are responding to online ecommerce industry. Fintech like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, etc. have changed how you transact. People are now open to use e-wallets which was not the case a few years back.

Feeling Hungry, but donot want to step out of the comfort of your home and too lazy to cook, not an issue anymore, Foodtechstartups like Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, etc. will come to your rescue. Such great innovations have made life more comfortable and opened new avenues for entrepreneurs.

Necessity is the mother of invention and necessity’s father is what people want. With more and more comfort pouring in, people need better things and hence a necessity is created.

Objective of #HAT4 :

To form a fraternity for such budding and already established e-commerce companies to ensure a smooth functioning and new idea generation and spread awareness to the Social media allied mediums and discover the effective usage of these mediums from user perspective as well as in professional terms

5. Big Data

Big data, the essence of everything online. Love it or Hate it, you cannot avoid it! Every company online uses Big Data directly or indirectly. You are using it and may not even realize. How? Did you check the latest insights on your Facebook page or checked how many visitors did your website get? If yes, welcome to the world of Big Data.

Basically, data that we see is a refined data. On a daily basis, petabytes of data are generated and consumed. It is extremely important to know which data is important and which data is useless. That makes Big Data, an important source. A well-refined data can help a company to generate trends and forecasts which help them in growing and point where they are going wrong. But the analysis is not easy!


Objective of #HAT5:

To discover more uses of big data and the ways in which it can be used by each and every sector for the effective understanding of the consumer behavior

6. CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility holds a crucial role these days among each sector.

The point arises is how can we serve our society using Digital and Social mediums. The knowledge and awareness on the correct usage of Social Mediums is a must for each and every citizen of the country. Thus, there should be awareness programs in the rural areas and for the underprivileged in which we as responsible corporate, take the responsibility to impart the necessary knowledge to them.


Objective of #HAT6 –

To utilize the resources of Digital-Social media wisely enough so that we are able to build a Digital infrastructure even in remote areas supporting the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India

7. Trinity

The Trinity hat serves a very important role in the formation of iSoCIAL. It will work as a gravitational force of keeping all the Hats in sync with each other and aligned to their respective tasks in order to achieve the defined targets.

#HAT7 will be the center point of all the activities happening under various hats and how well they can be executed interchangeably.

It will consist of 3 kingpins acting as the Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh for the iSoCIAL. They will be coordinating the Creation of new ideas, helping to sustain them and destroy the outdated technologies.

International Social media Council for Internet & Allied League