Personal Branding and why is it important

Your online and offline reputation is something that defines you. There are many people around you who are actually more talented than you are. But there are certain things that can give you an edge over them.
Having a personal foundation is not restricted to making people aware of you and creating a reputation for you. When we look at the bigger picture it is more than that. Personal branding can help us to show the creative side of what we are. Personal Branding can help us in exploring new horizons which we dream to achieve.

John Cass a graduate in graphic designing from New Castle University Australia got a job offer on Twitter from New York in his final year in 2007. He accepted that offer gladly and went to New York. There he started his new job. Everything was going on pretty well and suddenly six months later he was asked to leave they no longer needed his services. There is a policy in the USA if you are an immigrant then you have to leave the country within 10 days of leaving your job. He went to Canada he was in jail for 3 days. What really astonished was when all these things were happening in his life he was still active on social media, posting his designs and enhancing his reputation. Finally, he went back to Australia leaving his apartment and girlfriend behind. He always wanted to go back to New York. He was in love with that place. Finally, he got a job opening in New York through his designs that were posted on his website and social media page. All these things happened in a span of 2 months. This was made possible by him being active about his work online and eventually making the best out of it.

There are some lessons that can be derived from this story in terms of personal branding
One needs to stay committed towards his/her work. Both online and offline. With greater stress on the online part.
Connections are the most important factor when it comes to personal branding. One needs to stay connected with a variety of people in order to make a name.
Value addition is also a very important factor what you are bringing to the table plays a very important role in terms of creating a personal foundation.

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Story Credits: TEDx

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