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What Companies Expect of a Digital Media Professional


 Most of the digital media professionals are really cool about the technical skillset. They are very cool about the algorithm driven skill set. But when it is about objective-driven work some way or the other they lag behind. So what are the exact things that an agency expects from a digital marketing professional? What else is needed other than technical skill sets? All these questions need an answer. Well here I am going to tell you several things that can prove really beneficial for all the digital marketing professionals.


Companies expect professionals who can impact the top line


   Companies want professionals who can help in delivering social media campaigns for a product or even for that matter for a person.

Being a technically driven person is not enough to sustain your place in an organization.


More of marketing driven less of sales driven


   Professionals should have an attitude of creating a brand for themselves and organization as a whole. If they are concerned more about sales in totality then yes they might generate revenue but they would eventually not impact the brand of organization as a whole. For that to happen marketing driven approach is a must. In other words total brand management.


C-Suite Framework


   As a professional it is necessary to understand which model does your organization lie in. Is it Business to Business or it comes in the category of Business to Consumer.  Depending on these factor’s the whole C-Suite framework works. The first C that stands for concept tells us about the overall architecture of the organization in other words do you understand the line of business your organization is into. Second C stands for context which means how well you are able to translate that concept in context of your organizational business model. After that comes the third C that is content which is one of the most important factors of an organization. Without an effective content strategy no organization can move ahead hence having proper content strategy and its management is a must in all organizations. Fourth C stands for communication after understanding the concept and converting it into context and creating proper content it is time to communicate. And finally after communicating it comes the fifth C which is coverage. Which can work globally or even for that matter locally.


   You might be an effective SEO person or be very good in PPC campaigns. But these things are not enough to become an effective digital marketing professional. For that to happen you need to be good in all the points that I have discussed above.