Digital Storytelling and Brand Journalism

When we talk about digital storytelling and brand journalism what is the first thing that comes to your mind. Yes, you guessed it right. It is content. Content is the foundation of digital marketing and digital media. It is the way by which we express ourselves to the world. Content has become the most effective way of making people aware of your organization. You may ask now how it is related to digital storytelling or Brand Journalism for that matter? To answer this question I will discuss few things that will clear your doubts about what is the relation between these things.

Digital Storytelling and Brand Journalism part of content marketing

   Digital Storytelling and brand journalism are parts of content marketing. When you are writing a story what are you doing is creating content. The story might be positive or negative and this aspect directly affects your brand. Hence in this way content, digital storytelling and brand journalism all are interlinked with each other.

Authentic Content

   Authentic Content is a very important aspect. When you tell negative stories about your brand then yes it directly affects your brand. But it creates a sense of trust in the minds of people that they are taking ownership of what wrong they did. It is better than telling a positive story which never happened. Authentic content leads to the creation of value for your organization.

Indian Print and Television Media

   I was not thinking of bringing this. But since we are talking out authentic effective content then I thought it was necessary for me to bring it up.

Our print and television media is more of melodramatic types. Here storytelling is so much manipulated in order to lure more people to watch news channels and buy newspapers that they are left with no integrity hence it has become quite evident that they are using storytelling in a very negative sense. Which is resulting in more and more educated people abandoning these news channels and newspaper and shifting to English news channels and newspapers?

Be effective but not destructive

   In the end, I would like to say storytelling and brand journalism is the art of expressing yourself and your brand, it is necessary for you to be truthful with your content. If you are not authentic with your content then eventually it is going to hamper your product and organization as a whole. In the end, I would like to quote “ Content is the reason research began” hence stay truthful and reap the rewards.

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