Increase Traffic on your website, make it optimized

Did you know that there are more than 150 million registered websites on the internet? These websites rely on search engines for optimization and better reach. Have you ever thought why your website is ranked so low? Why your website has no views? Everything depends on search engine optimization of your website. So let us try and understand it better.

What is SEO?

When you search something on GOOGLE you get lots of pages and there are lots of things. Every website has a ranking and it is placed according to that. In the beginning, websites were ranked according to the number of keywords that were placed on them. But with time, a rank of a page started depending on the backlinks plus keywords that were placed on the websites. This rank that was given to a website was in accordance with search engine optimization. In other words, we call it an organic listing of a website.

Why do we need it?

Your website is your business, you need people to see it. In order for it to happen your website needs to have a good page rank. This can only be achieved if your website is properly optimized.

How does SEO impact our business?

Properly optimized website leads to a higher rank of your page thereby improving the organic listing. This results in more views on your website. Hence, more and more people get aware of your product which eventually leads to more selling.

What are the parameters for SEO?

There are several parameters that need to be looked upon when we talk about SEO of a website. Some key things that are to be noted can be, a title of your website, then we talk about heading format, whether your website is mobile optimized or not is another important factor. There are several factors such as site mapping, favicon, tags, image alignment and many other things that are very important in order for your website to be properly optimized.

Scope of SEO

The scope of SEO is increasing as the time passes by as most people who have a website need it to be ranked amongst the top. Hence, opportunities in the field of SEO are increasing day by day. Since the number of websites registered is increasing as each day passes by.

So keep these points in your mind when you work on any website the next time.

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