What is lacking in our Education System?

When we ask people on what they feel about the Indian education system, we get diverse opinions. Opinions are often diverse because some areas of our education system are exceptionally well, however some are equally lagging behind. The intent is not to knit a web of words but to know what exactly lacks in our Education System. Let us look into the possible reasons.

Theory vs. Practical

It has been proved by science that the human brain recognizes and remembers pictures, art, and colors more than words and phrases (basically theory stuff), a formula being used around the world for easy and rapid cerebral development. Most of our schools still lack in imparting practical knowledge to the students and avoid using pictures and art as a mode of knowledge and understanding. Innovation is not encouraged.

Less Digitization

Most of our classrooms still use a blackboard, chalk & duster, whereas some students do not even have the privilege of classrooms and they get their education on open grounds with or without a teacher present. Modern-day classrooms across the world make use of the internet, projectors, smart boards and more to bring students at par with the latest developments & inventions across the world, which sadly is not the case in most of the Indian classrooms today.

Less focus on all-round development

I am glad to say that this picture has started changing, but we still have a long way to go. Every parent has to realize that being an engineer or a doctor is not what makes a child successful & these young minds are capable of doing much more than that. Your child can be a soccer player or a drummer and can do so well that he is taken care of for his entire life ahead. The schools have finally started giving the required attention to the all-round development of students by encouraging participation in sports, stage activities and more which will be helpful in taking the students to great heights in the future.

Less knowledge-driven institutions

One sad reality of the educational institutions that is hard to swallow is their business and profit-driven approach. The focus is more on higher admissions, developing curriculum and activities that can derive more profits rather than impart quality education to children. This has to change if we need to shape the future of India the right way & in the right direction. If technology can do wonders in other fields, then why the same technology can’t be used here as well to understand and analyze the statistics of the education system in India. Tools such as Analytics can do wonders in bringing standardization and quality in every school turning every classroom into a SMART classroom. The question that we need to ask ourselves is why haven’t we?

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