The 4 Popular MYTHS in Digital Media

When something new attracts the limelight, whether it is a new face on tabloid or a new brand entering the market or a new technology, they attract a lot of speculation on their way. People speculate because people are discovering and trying to know more about it. This gives the way to MYTHS getting perpetuated. Similar is the case with DIGITAL MEDIA. Let us try and learn more on what are these myths that most people have in their minds.

Digital MediaMYTH 1: Digital Media is technical in nature.

This is not entirely true. While it is correct that tools and other technicalities are required for running a digital media campaign, what is required more of people is for them to understand the functionality of the technology and the knowledge and utility of the different mediums from the client’s point of view.


MYTH 2: Digital Media is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Digital Media is not just restricted to social media platforms such as Facebook & LinkedIn, but it involves managing the overall presence of a company or person whether it is a website, online portals, social media accounts and more.


MYTH 3: Digital Media is only for big companies/ Digital Media is not for SMBs

Every company aims at brand recognition, brand awareness, and profitability, it is not just the big companies that want it. So, it does matter how big or small a company you are, digital transformation in the right direction is only going to make your path easier.


MYTH 4: Digital Media is Cheap

Digital Media is not at all cheap, the right word is COST EFFECTIVE as it gives a platform to reach a wider audience through a cost-effective strategy. At the same time, it is also true that implementing Digital media marketing may only bear good results with the right optimization strategy that carries the right mix of different aspects of Digital, social media.

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