Personal Branding and why is it important

Your online and offline reputation is something that defines you. There are many people around you who are actually more talented than you are. But there are certain things that can give you an edge over them.
Having a personal foundation is not restricted to making people aware of you and creating a reputation for you. When we look at the bigger picture it is more than that. Personal branding can help us to show the creative side of what we are. Personal Branding can help us in exploring new horizons which we dream to achieve.

John Cass a graduate in graphic designing from New Castle University Australia got a job offer on Twitter from New York in his final year in 2007. He accepted that offer gladly and went to New York. There he started his new job. Everything was going on pretty well and suddenly six months later he was asked to leave they no longer needed his services. There is a policy in the USA Continue reading Personal Branding and why is it important

Digital Storytelling and Brand Journalism

When we talk about digital storytelling and brand journalism what is the first thing that comes to your mind. Yes, you guessed it right. It is content. Content is the foundation of digital marketing and digital media. It is the way by which we express ourselves to the world. Content has become the most effective way of making people aware of your organization. You may ask now how it is related to digital storytelling or Brand Journalism for that matter? To answer this question I will discuss few things that will clear your doubts about what is the relation between these things.

Digital Storytelling and Brand Journalism part of content marketing

   Digital Storytelling and brand journalism are parts of content marketing. When you are writing a story what are you doing is creating content. The story might be positive or negative and this aspect directly affects your brand. Hence in this way content, digital storytelling and brand journalism all are interlinked with each other. Continue reading Digital Storytelling and Brand Journalism

Virtual Reality; A digital transformation

First of all,  what is a virtual reality? Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of 3-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using electronic devices. Here is a list of some applications that can be seen

Virtual Tourism

Virtual tourism is one of the most common uses of virtual reality. Demo of tourist places, museum, monuments, and many other places is something that gives enthralling experience to people.

Crime scene reconstruction

With the help of virtual reality now we can be at different places at the same time. This is perfect for crime scenes because it can help find and analyze something that was missed earlier. Scenes can be photographed in 360 with advanced cameras and a series of events can be reconstructed at a later stage. The investigator will be able to put on a simple set of VR glasses and look around to discover more clues. Continue reading Virtual Reality; A digital transformation

Cost Effective Marketing Solutions For SMB’s

Before we start talking about cost-effective marketing techniques for SMB’s there are a few things that are important to know.

70-80 percent of SMB’s are into manufacturing businesses. Most of these SMB’s are suppliers to large MNC’s. International competitions, for example, China, makes it difficult for SMB’s to sustain. So what SMB’s need to do in order to have their product differentiated from others? How can we implement cost-effective marketing? All these questions pop up. Here are something’s that can prove really beneficial for SMB’s in order to grow successfully.

Understand your market

A market is filled with so much competition. For every product developed there are different competitors who want their product to stand out and shine. Plus we have international competitors like China who are able to deliver a similar product at a very low cost. Hence SMB’s need to first of all understand the real value of their product.

Create a Brand

With so much competition all around it is really important that SMB’s are able to differentiate their product from others by making people aware of their USP. This is the only way how they can create value for their product and generate revenue from it. It is possible only through effective branding. Continue reading Cost Effective Marketing Solutions For SMB’s

How Smartphones and Mobile Internet Have Changed Our Lives

20 years ago there weren’t any smartphones and since then a lot of things have changed. Now we can’t even remember the last time we actually didn’t use our smartphone for a whole day. Mobile smart devices and mobile internet are changing the way we do things and how we connect with other people. Let’s have a closer look at how smart devices really affect our everyday life.

Internet and mobile internet

3.2 billion people are now using the internet, 2 billion of which are in developing countries. The global mobile broadband market is highly dynamic: market penetration increased 12 times since 2007.

As we see every day, the world is evolving and changing constantly, especially in the tech department: 8 years ago, there weren’t even smart devices for us to use. Back then we didn’t even imagine using devices like smartphones or tablets. Now we can’t imagine living without them. Continue reading How Smartphones and Mobile Internet Have Changed Our Lives

Increase Traffic on your website, make it optimized

Did you know that there are more than 150 million registered websites on the internet? These websites rely on search engines for optimization and better reach. Have you ever thought why your website is ranked so low? Why your website has no views? Everything depends on search engine optimization of your website. So let us try and understand it better.

What is SEO?

When you search something on GOOGLE you get lots of pages and there are lots of things. Every website has a ranking and it is placed according to that. In the beginning, websites were ranked according to the number of keywords that were placed on them. But with time, a rank of a page started depending on the backlinks plus keywords that were placed on the websites. This rank that was given to a website was in accordance with search engine optimization. In other words, we call it an organic listing of a website.

Why do we need it?

Continue reading Increase Traffic on your website, make it optimized

Everything you need to know about Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation?

Online Reputation refers to everything from tweet and comments (negative & positive) to likes, replies and more that is written about you or your company online. Reputation involves everything the good, the bad and the ugly.

Why is it so important?

Imagine if you woke up one early morning, gave the newspaper a glance and found a front page negative article about yourself disparaging your reputation and now imagine it never comes down. That is the internet and that is your reputation unless you ensure it is protected by controlling the first ten results on the first page of search engine results.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Before you or your product/service are hired, dated or befriended remember you will be googled. 72 percent people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends & family. In fact, 80 percent of the people change their decision after reading a negative review of some product or service. What people are saying about the quality of your business can either make or break you. This is the reason one needs to ensure a positive and good reputation online. Continue reading Everything you need to know about Online Reputation Management

Digital storytelling & Brand journalism

We have come a long way, don’t you think? From learning to light a fire & stone hunting to driverless cars, internet of things, smart technology & more. The more we move ahead in time, more automated & mechanized everything gets. Somewhere in the process what we left behind was the essence of why it all began in the first place & the great stories that people shared. Somehow we gave up on the emotional connect that helps us stay attached to one another. But we did not give up on it entirely, did we? The great stories are back with a variety of ways to convey them. Let us see what is storytelling & its benefits to organizations & individuals.

Why stories?

Humans are fundamentally emotional beings & advertising research says that purchase decisions are taken in an emotional state & justified later (to self) as logical.

Digital technologies are increasing the generation gap between different generations. Storytelling can become the bridge & the common thread between them.

What is Digital Storytelling?

Continue reading Digital storytelling & Brand journalism

Skills needed to be a Billionaire

It was in the past that the word “Millionaire” excited us. In today’s world, the only word that excites the society is “Billionaire”. Everybody wants to be a billionaire, some for the money, some for the name, some for the sake of success, and some for all 3, but how to be a billionaire? People have ideas and they have the determination & mindset to do it, but those are not the only skills needed to be a billionaire. Let us check out what elements are a must:

  1. Money Management – One of the most important skills that all the billionaires have in common is – “Money Management”. This is the most important skill because when you start out a business, you have got to know how to handle money and where to and where not to spend it. You have to make sure that you invest it in all the right places. Surely you’ll have some bad experiences along the road but those experiences are the ones that’ll make you understand the right and the wrong.
  2. Sell it right – One should know how to sell if one wants to be in business. It is integral so as to sell the idea of your company or trade to the investors that’ll be financing your dream of a company in the future and to convince your customers that your product is worth spending their hard earned money on.
  3. Born Leader– No billionaire in the history of business has achieved success all on their own, they HAD to have a team to support them in times of difficulty. Every billionaire has a team by their side that’ll help them in growing the company from the bottom up. But a team needs a leader to lead them and allocate work accordingly. Having leadership skills comes in handy when you are handling a small company or a bigger one. Making people listen to you, understand you and follow you is when you’ve attained true leadership.
  4. Count your money well– Most rich people become poor because they don’t know how to handle their accounts. Knowing what your assets and liabilities help a lot of in accounting as well as in decision-making. Knowing when you’re gaining profits or going through some loss also helps. Knowing the basics of accounting always helps in getting a rough idea of what all is going on in the company and keep a check on the unnecessary expenditure.
  5. The right investment – Becoming a billionaire is not easy, but you remain that way if you know where to invest your money so that it could multiply. All the real-time billionaires have some or the other kind of investments elsewhere that help them in maintaining the flow of money. They all have backup plans that keep them safe in times of problems.

Billionaires are not only dedicated but they also are smart. They all have some common traits like they all master in their in their trade because they know how important it is. They all work according to their schedule. They all know how to spend money but only after saving the amount that’s enough to keep them going even if they ever fall off the track. So do you think you have it in you to become a billionaire?

CLOUDS in the virtual SKY…

Our second-grade textbooks made us believe that clouds are formed due to precipitation and exist only in the sky. I would have also laughed at the idea of storing my data on cloud years ago, but I would probably be laughed at if I say I do not know if I can do that today. Even though virtual clouds may be virtual to us but they are very real for hundreds and thousands of companies that host their servers for storage.

So what is this CLOUD storage buzz all about?

By definition, in simple terms cloud storage refers to the digital data storage on multiple remote servers managed by a hosting company. For example, a simple USB comes with different space limitations say 8GB or 16 GB for us to store our data. The cloud is something like this USB given by one company to another company or individual on a payable basis for a specific amount of storage.

How does it help people & companies?

Firstly it saves a lot of space. All the files in the form of files, videos, photos, e-books etc. can be stored in the infinite space of the World Wide Web. The benefit that comes along is that data on the cloud can be managed and accessed from any computer or electronic device anywhere through a cloud computing system interface software. Continue reading CLOUDS in the virtual SKY…

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